Saturday, August 27, 2011

WEEK EIGHT -- New Painting

As my life has been very hectic, I have neglected "my challenge."  I have decided that if I can do 50 paintings that in itself will be a good goal.  Therefore, I will be posting as I can.  I have been exploring different experiences in painting and photography.  I hope you will enjoy this weeks offerering.

I did these as a pair.  These are my abstract lilies. They are painted on 8 by 10 canvas boards ready for framing. These are being sold as a pair for the $50 price I originally set.  The Taylor Senior Citizen's Center will receive the normal 10%. I will be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions.
 Thanks for viewing my blog. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week Seven

I hope you will enjoy this painting.  It is my rendition of "Abstract Eyes."  It is an 8 x 10 stretched canvas in oils.  The edge is wrapped so no frame is required for hanging.

My original challenge to myself is having to be modified.  I find I am unable to complete a painting that meets my standards of excellence in a week.  I would rather take longer to complete the picture than hurriedly post a painting that I could not be proud to post.  This all depends on how many other obligations I have which must take priority -- and yes, there are some that take priority.  Week before last my mother's brother died. Mother is 89 and this was extremely stressful to her.  Her needs these passed two weeks were a priority over painting challenge. I will continue to paint and post the paintings as quickly as possible.  If you are able, please consider buying one.